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Dans le Noir

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

A game that I invented, in whole cloth, in a dream last night.

There is a group of players in a house. The house is in darkness. Each player takes it in turn to draw a card (call them the “active player”), and they read that card (with the aid of a torch). This gives them a task that they have to do, e.g.:

  • Find ten pairs of socks and return them to a base point
  • Find a piece of out-of-date technology and return it to a base point
  • Find a hat and “crown” another person by putting it on their head

The active player is allowed to use the torch whilst carrying out the task, whilst other players are not allowed any light source. The active player wins by completing the task before the other players work out what they are doing, whilst the other players win by saying what the active player is doing before they complete the task.

A harder form of the game involves the active player choosing an “adjective” card, e.g.:

  • “red”
  • “German”

and they have to relate their solution to the task to this in some way.

For something that I invented when I was fast asleep, it isn’t awful, and I’m sure could be developed into something playable—health and safety considerations notwithstanding!