Vertical Spaces

for Michael Finnissy

I like to go out there in vertical spaces.
I like to climb up walls!
I like to dance, in vertical places,
and go back home.

Some walls are made of brick.
Some walls are made of stone.
Some nice walls are made of concrete.

Occasionally, I think that parts of some walls are made of cabbages, but I don’t think that they really are.
I am not envious of rabbits, because the spaces that they explore are not very interesting.

But, perhaps, it might be somewhat interesting to be a squirrel, as they can climb trees and things; but tail-maintenance might be rather tedious.

However, on the whole, I do not envy any kind of animal (not even cats), as I would rather be me.

Yes, I would rather be me.

Colin Johnson
25th July 2006