Drunk in an apostasy of silence.
A whirling cloud of nothingness.
Suffused by a cloud of emptyness.
In a whirling void.

My mind steps out beyond the silence.
Yet what lies beyond?
What could conceal its uglyness,
behind a wall of silence?

Tumbling in a colorcloud of silence.
Shielded from the world around
By a fragrant shell of nothingness,
And the dancing, swirling darkness of the night.

A silent reverie of moving sound
Orgasmically thundering dizzywhirl.
A brilliant obliteration of sensuousness,
On the still edge of a chaotic void

A paralysis of time,
freezing convoluted turns of day,
While a pandemonium of brilliant color,
Beflags the ecstatic jubilee.

Far away.
Far, far away.

Adoration of a lurid cyclone.
Annihilation of a new born day.
In a consequence of sleeplessness,
The aftermath of truth.

Polychromatic dizzywhirl.
Lost in an orchestra of silence.

Delirious dances on the edge of the night
A trillion brilliant butterflies,
exploding, full of light.

Dizzywhirl of sleeplessness,
In a litany of silence.
And a tincture of doppleness,
On the wild edge of void.

Invocation of a whirlpool of soundlessness,
And a convolution of speechlessness
A pandemonium of voicelessness,
On the whirling turning rim of day.

Far away.
Far, far away.

A swirling cloud of sleeplessness becurls the living day.
Confusing my senses.
Diffusing my existence in a reverie of confusion.
Enfusing me.
Enfusing my sensuous soul, and sending my heart
   tumbling into a void of emptyness eternally burning.

A turbulation of color,
Surrounding me with silent song
Saturating my soul with nothingness,
And diffusing my existence.
'O wild unruly night,
why condemnest thee my soul to ruin,
And gorge on the tangled remains!'

Paralysis of dreamtime,
the frozen image of the day,
Surrounded by silent swirling sound,
And the echoes of the patterway.

Far away.
Far, far away.

And at the still point of these tumultuous vortices
Stands a silent figure.
Watching, whispering, wondering there.
Shore true, see through.
And balanced at the edge of my life.

Colin Johnson