Ammonites, Beetles, Cows, Dogs, and Elephants


Ammonites and beetles.
Beetles crawling through cracks in old ammonite shells.

Beetles and cows.
Cow tails beating away flies and beetles.
Bee, flitting by cow’s eye, momentary distraction.

Cows and dogs.
Dogs in spontaneous packs, chasing cow to edge of field.
Dog’s eyes, intense, friendly, focused.
A puddle of water, momentary distraction, lapping with tongue.
Overheated dog on sunny beach, tongue out, relief.

Dogs and elephants.
Elephant waving its trunk, dog confused, chases it.
Oversized elephant ears, each a little scratched from barbed-wire fence.
Elephant sees reflection in water, momentary distraction, recognition.
Thirst, water lifted with trunk, released to undersized mouth, repeated, relief.
Elephant feet kicking up ground, cracking old ammonite shells.
Mud surface, confused momentarily for solidity, loss of footing, self-righting elephant.
Looking up at excessive sun, elephant eye blinking, momentary distraction, feet solid on ground.

Colin Johnson, March 2020