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Memory (2)

At York university in the 1990’s, there was a lane called “Retreat Lane” which was the start of the main route from campus into town. It was somewhat sketchy, and we were warned not to use it at night; it is good to see that it has had proper lighting installed a while ago. There were three prominent pieces of graffiti on the walls and gates:

  • The words “WATFROD F.C. RULES OK” (yes, that spelling) in huge letters.
  • The words “Ah good the sea!” in chalk. That seems to have been there for years, it was still there a few years ago, people must re-chalk it from time-to-time (I would, I suppose, if I noticed it was fading).
  • The words “Meat is Murder” written at the top of a gate to a field that sometimes had cows in it. Later joined by various other (rather less sincerely meant) slogans, such as “Veg is Vomit” and “Fish is Foul”.

2 Responses to “Memory (2)”

  1. nicholas says:

    Also “Welcome to the yuppie factory” and “Education kills by degrees”.

    At some point, a gutter overflowed and the rain washed away part of “Ah good the sea” so that it said “Ah goo the sef”, which version our friend Doug rather liked.

  2. colingj says:

    Yes! I remember those!

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