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Just Beyond the Horizon (1)

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I’d like to make a collection of ideas that are just beyond the horizon of current discourse; ideas that aren’t deeply futuristic, but which are solidly outwith the sort of things that people talk about.

First example: the idea of politicians standing for office in a different country from where they are normally based. This comes from an idea that was bandied about a couple of years ago; that if Barack Obama has lost the US election, his next move could be to become the next leader of the UK Labour Party. This would be regarded as incomprehensible by almost everyone, but perhaps in the medium-term future (whatever that might mean; perhaps “a generation or two”) this might seem normal. For example, my parents still have a moral conniption at the idea that a UK company could be led by someone from overseas, and with the idea of footballers not born in the UK playing for UK teams; both things which are normal to my generation. If you are good at your game, you want to move to a country where that game is played at the highest level: if this is true in sport or business, why not in politics, which might be the most important game of all?